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We make it green –
for you and for the future


A green and economically savvy approach from start to finish.


Full project service driven by trusted procedures and a tradition of reliability. 


Advancing business goals through dedication and sharp strategic sensibilities.


Growing together for a green future of increased efficiency and prosperity.


Know that you are in safe hands as you realize the potential of your assets.

Our vision

Harnessing the power of the sun and other renewable energy sources is what we do. Dedicated to realising a sustainable future, we offer innovative solutions that make the most of solar energy’s vast potential and the many forms it can take.

We provide a fully integrated approach across five core competencies. Our comprehensive service options mean that our clients get a customised product tailored to their exact needs and specifications.

Leading the way for renewable energy

Our values

We understand the industry’s complexities and appreciate that the size of our carbon footprint will be primarily determined by decarbonisation, digitisation, decentralisation, and energy storage.

Trust and transparency

Despite our broad experience and qualifications, Green-2-Market has remained committed to the ideals and ethos of a small company.

Our mission

The time has come for real action. Climate change and air pollution have become too threatening a reality to be combated by slow adaptation.

Our company

We are a team of experts that possess a robust understanding of many existing and emerging solar energy processes.