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An integrated approach you can trust

Planning (engineering)

It all begins with a well-laid plan. All of our project plans are built on fully integrated technologies with a superior record of performance and reliability.


From market testing to cost modelling and tendering, our specialist knowledge and international experience make all the difference.


When it is time to break ground, you can trust that our reputation for outstanding construction will translate into faster completion and grid connection.

Operation and service (O&M)

We control the entire value chain. This allows us to optimise work processes and delivery times—achieving economies of scale and maximising environmental and financial benefits.


Full project service rooted in trusted procedures, expert application, and a tradition of reliability.

Our expansive coverage and best-in-class teams ensure high-quality services. Our strong track record and industrial expertise enable us to deliver projects on time while optimising performance. With an advanced understanding of O&M and EPC best practices, we are well prepared to provide reliable construction management partnership.